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Last Updated: 2008-08-01

Your privacy is important, so Reality Box Labs LLC, a California limited liability company ("RBL"," "we," "us," and "our"), created the following Privacy Policy to let you know what information we collect when you visit our Site, why we collect it and how it is used. This Privacy Policy is governed by our Terms of Use. By using this Site, you consent to the data practices prescribed in this statement. We may periodically make changes to this Privacy Policy that we will include on this page. It is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy frequently and remain informed about any changes to it, so we encourage you to visit this page often.

How We Collect Information

We collect and store regular web server logs, which include your IP address, the type of browser used to access our site, and the pages accessed. Personally identifiable information other than the originating IP address is not generally included in these logs. We may use third party services such as Google Analytics to track anonymous usage on our website as well.

If you sign up for an account, we collect enough information to identify you as a unique visitor when you return. This includes items such as login credentials and personal preferences. To access our services we also require that you provide an email address where we can contact you if necessary regarding your use of the service.

As you use our service we may collect information about the parts of the service you have used at what times in order to provide you with the best possible service.

Independently from signing up for an account, you may wish to sign up for our periodic email newsletter. If you signup for the newsletter your email address is stored separately and is not associated with any account you may or may not have.

Finally, our customer support team may collect additional information not described here when assisting you with support issues.

Browser Cookies

When you access our website, RBL and the third party service providers that help us track how our website is used, may send your browser a small piece of data known as a "cookie." Most browsers will store this cookie on your computer and will send it back to us and/or our providers when you make subsequent visits to our website.

Although you are free to decline the cookies we send, to login to our service your browser must be set to enable cookies. When we send you a cookie, your browser will only send the data in that cookie back to us. If a provider sends you a cookie, the data they send you will only be sent back to them.

Billing Information

When collecting billing information we require a physical address be associated with each transaction. This helps protect you from fraud and helps us know that we are dealing with a real live responsible human being.

The billing information we collect may be collected directly from you in the case of direct credit card payments, or it may be shared by a third party payment processor. If the information is collected directly from you, we must securely transmit it to a payment processor to communicate with your bank in order to complete the billing process. Any such payment processor is required to meet the payment card company's security and privacy policies. The information transmitted to the payment processor consists of financial and invoice information necessary for completing the transaction.

When you pay us using a third party service such as PayPal, that third party may retain your financial information and transmit only the payment amount and the shipping information to us. We retain the information they send us, but this information is not enough to allow us or any other party to make additional charges to your account beyond those that you have authorized. Your financial information stored at a third party service such as PayPal is governed by the third party's own terms of use and privacy policy.

How we store and protect your data

All of the information we collect is stored on computers in the United States. It is stored in a data center that is protected by physical, electronic, and procedural mechanisms in compliance with applicable federal and state laws and requirements. The only RBL employees with access to your information are those who are required to access it in order to perform specific job functions.

How we use collected information

Our primary use of collected information is to provide you with a safe, smooth, and efficient experience.

When you visit our Site, we may use web logs and session cookies to analyze the portions of the Site you visit. This analysis may then be used for a variety of purposes such as improving the usability or desirability of our Site and service.

Email addresses required during account signup are used only to contact you regarding the usage of your account. These addresses are stored separately from other lists of addresses and are never used to send out marketing materials unrelated to your account.

If you sign up for our newsletter we will send you periodic updates about our existing and future service offerings. Each email includes information about how to remove your address from the newsletter list. You are not required to receive the newsletter in order to use our services.

Other information may be used to monitor and improve the quality of our service for you and our other customers.

How we share information with other parties

In the normal course of business we do not rent or sell your information.

Billing information is shared with outside financial service providers only so far as is required to complete individual transactions. Information obtained during the billing process is never used or shared for any type of marketing purpose.

If we merge with or are acquired by another company, they will have access to the information we have collected, but they will be required to comply with the current privacy policy that is in effect at the time of the acquisition or merger.

In certain circumstances we may share information we have collected about you with law enforcement, government officials, or other third parties. This information could include physical addresses associated with the billing records of your account. We will only do this if we are compelled to do so by US federal or state law, a court with jurisdiction over the information, or if we in good faith believe that doing so is necessary to prevent physical harm, financial loss, or illegal activity.

How you can restrict the sharing of your information

Since we only share the bare minimum of information needed to deliver our services or when we are legally required to do so, we do not offer additional sharing restrictions.

How you can view or change the information we have collected

When logged in to your account you may go to the "User Profile" section to view or change information we have collected.

Contacting us

You may contact us using any of the methods available on the Contact Us page available on our website. All questions regarding our policies can be sent to You may call us at +1.415.373.5255, or send us mail at Reality Box Labs, 699 Pennsylvania Ave #9, San Francisco, CA 94107.