ParkU is the last parking app you will ever need/want for the San Francisco area. It starts by letting you know what streets around you are undergoing street sweeping. Within two clicks you can have the app remind you when your car's location is about to be in an illegal zone. A slider lets you look at the parking regulations in a chronologically fluid way so you can see which streets are about to undergo street sweeping or which ones are about to be finished and thus full of open spots. A meter reminder can warn you when your meter is about to expire and a return to car function lets you easily find your parked car when you're ready to go home. In the worst case scenario there is a button that calls the tow truck company that towed you or redirects you to the site where you can pay a ticket. The magic of this app is its ability to communicate with others using this app so that when you are walking back to your car all others in the area who are viewing the map are notified and those who are looking for parking can see that a spot is about to open up.
Created by: Tom Seago, Andrew Velis and Brad Kohlenberg